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The Vanishing of emily Meyers

Dear Fellow Investigators,

I am sending you this letter in hopes you may be able to assist me. I have arrived in Romania where I am here to investigate the strange disappearance of a group of tourists from the Abbey of Saint Isabelle. Most of the townspeople have warned me to stay away but they won't say why.

Two days ago, I ventured close to the Abbey and took some photos, when suddenly I began to feel ill. I hurried back to my hotel and rested. Then things began to get more strange- I looked through my photos I had taken earlier and all the photos of the Abbey were gone. Several hours later someone slid a note under the door to my room. It was a warning to stay away from the Abbey... I'm afraid I may be in danger.

Please if possible contact me at 909-326-0056.

Thank you,


Instagram: paranormalemily

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