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 The 13th Room 

The Mayfair Hotel. Built in 1915 it has quite a history. What secrets lie in the 13th room ?

Located in the increasingly popular Downtown Pomona area, amongst several new bars and restaurants is the Mayfair Hotel. 

Once you and your group arrive,  you will be taken to the  "Famed" room #13

Several mysterious circumstances have been reported in the hotel.

But none as shocking as what happened in room #13


Once in, your only way out is by combining your intellectual and creative capacities to solve puzzles, search for clues and find the answers to riddles.

Your time is limited to 60 minutes, so think fast!  


In Europe and Japan this has recently become the latest trend in adventure and team-building activities. Called “Real-Life Immersive Puzzle Rooms.”


The idea is simple – your group or team enters our room. Our room introduces a problem that needs to be solved in order to advance further and further, until the journey is completed. The typical problems usually involved logic-based puzzles, linguistic riddles, mathematical challenges and other thinking tasks.


Good Luck, 60 minutes goes by fast !


Success Rate : 19%

Room Capacity: 10 People

Game Time: 60 min

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